Buckskin Gulch Canyoneering

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In our last post we talked about touring Buckskin Gulch and the incredible slot canyons. We didn’t shoot any footage on our adventure, we just took in the beauty and experience first hand. Here is a quick video to give you an inside view. There are many more on youtube.

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Paria Canyon – Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Tours

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Southern Utah + Northern Arizona = Supreme natural beauty!

There is something magical about the desert. The arid landscape, beautiful sunset colors of warm pink, purples, the deepest of oranges, and vast surroundings. Add centuries old sandstone creations, and tranquil waters and you have bliss.buckskin_gulch_az

The desert is not always appreciated by the masses, nor is its beauty realized. The desert is different than a tropical destination or rainforest, but is just as serene and gorgeous. We would like to inform our readers of wonderful tours to embark on, whether you be a sightseer, hiker, or photographer.

Both Utah and Arizona offer many incredible and world renowned places to see. From the infamous Grand Canyon in Arizona to Zion National Park in Utah, these desert playgrounds are some to explore.

Today we will cover specific areas that may be a little less known than some of the major players. The Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness areas are loaded with breathtaking landscapes, vies, hiking and history. We had the fortune to explore many of these areas with Grand Staircase Discovery Tours.  We explored Buckskin Gulch and the Wave. They were both incredible, but I have to say, we loved Buckskin Gulch. The hike was invigorating and the slot canyons were amazing.

Buckskin Gulch is supposedly the longest and slot canyon in the world. It’s long, deep, and narrow and continues for 15 miles. Many areas require a bit canyoneering, but so worth the adventure. You can hike the slots mostly year round, however you must be careful of the thunderstorm months during the summer. The thunderstorms can create the narrows to fill up quickly, so you must be cautious and smart and when to go.

We started at Wire Pass trailhead and made our way through Buckskin Gulch and then middle trail, and eventually to White House trailhead. Be prepared with clothing, food, and plastic bags for wet clothes, as you will stumble upon pools of water in the narrows. You can be wading at the ankles or up to the waist, so be prepared. We were not and hiked very wet and heavy for some time.


Here are some of the shots we got. I do not feel as though these pics quite do it justice. It is one of those, you must go it yourself to reap the full benefits and pleasures.



Route 66 Caravan Tour…Done in Style

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There are fabulous places to tour worldwide! That being said, there are several tours you can embark on locally in the United States (as long as you are from the U.S.). We love when readers write in and provide us with some ideas and insights to share with others.

How about a Route 66 RV caravan tour…done in style. That is what a reader, Phantom Wrapz wrote in and suggested. They recently styled out an RV, inside and outside, prepping it for their clients 50 day tour along the most historic highway, Route 66. This historic highway, with many movies made about it, opened up in 1926. Extending from Chicago to LA, the old famous road is one well traveled.

Load up your friends and family in the grand RV and hit the road that is ever so famous. Want to go in total style? Have your RV decked out with a vinyl wrap. That’s what Phantom Wrapz did for their client. They wrapped there RV to represent the 50 day tour they were about to journey on. The 6 person RV was wrapped in the historic highways logo. to officiate their expedition.

So how do you go about planning your RV tour?

Well to begin with choose a destination or what you want to see. We are recommending the famous highway as a way to experience the landscapes that surround it in the different states it travels through,a s well as experience a part of American history. There are several other tour ideas for your RV road trip.

Here are a few:

  1. Pacific Coast Highway – from California up the Pacific Northwest Coast, explore the cheese tours, wine tours and protected state and national parks, as well as the beautiful Pacific Coastline. You could always plan this around the solar eclipse as well.
  2. Historic East Coast Tour – experience another piece of history, where the first settlers located. From Boston down to Myrtle Beach, stop in historic areas and take in a piece of history.
  3. Alaskan Adventure Tour – now this tour is best for the summertime. Load the kids up and get them out to experience the wildlife and beauty of Alaska, the final American Frontier. From hot springs, to wild life, museums, and fishing, explore Alaska like never before.

These are just a few other ideas to tour different parts of the United States. Get creative and think of places you would love to see and explore. There a several place you can rent an RV or motorcoach to accommodate your travels and the amount of people traveling.

Send us picture or ideas of your adventures!



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I have yet to travel to Amsterdam, but it is on the list of places to visit. That being said, we decided to do a little research on what to explore when in Rome…I mean Amsterdam. We thought we would share with our readers some of what we think looks pretty awesome to do while visiting the Netherlands and its capital, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam boasts character with it’s canal lined, quaint streets. There are many ways to explore the Dutch city, from walking to biking and boating. Whether you want to explore on foot or bike bike like the locals, explore you must. You can choose to go alone or check out the many guided tours that are offered. We recommend going at it like the locals, and hoping on a bike. There are over 800,000 bikes in the Amsterdam, more bikes than people! It is considered one of the world’s most cycle friendly cities.

Here a five things that are on our to do list.

Visit  Jordaan – Noted a sone of the most charming neighborhoods, Jordaann offers music, restaurants, galleries and history.

Visit the Anne Frank House – Another step back in histiry to where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazi’s. Be prepared for a long line.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum – Visiting Amsterdan=m without Van Gogh is a big no-no! Get an up close look at some of the artists work.

Visit theWindmills – Take a scenic Drive to the Dutch Countryside and check out the windmills. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you go. This one may require a car.

Cruise the Canals – boat throughout the long narrow canals of Amsterdam. This one might require a boat, although you could bike long the canals as well.  We recommend a dinner canal boat cruise. Enjoy a romantic experience with excellent food and wine.


These are but a few ideas of all that you can do in Amsterdam. It all depends on the time you have in this fabulous city. We would love to hear your suggestions on things to do and places to visit!






Sustainable Tours

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Over the past several years. sustainable green travel has developed quite a bit more and become more popular, with very good reason.

There are real, core issues that must be addresses so that future generations are able to travel and explore the way that we are.

From conservation, wildlife protection, to supporting small communities in poverty stricken places, conscious and sustainable tourism is a must.

Our guest writer, Andy from Tempe Tree Care, would like to offer some great sways to travel sustainably, taking into consideration key principles that make traveling sustainable . By supporting the geographical, environmental, and cultural aspects in our traveling, we open the door up to promote and support the very aspect of why we love to travel.

There a several sustainable tours and travel providers that you can choose from today. These tours and providers support responsible tourism and promote the communities and environment around. Even if you opt for a tour that is said to be sustainable, make sure you confirm that with them and remember that your actions are a big part the equation.

Here are some great ways that you can travel sustainably and minimize your environmental impact as a traveler, whether you are traveling on an organized green adventure, or you are piecing your adventure together yourself.

  • Do your research when booking accommodations. Seek sustainable practices and accommodations. What standards and practices do they have in place, do they compost, do they source food and products locally?
  • Be mindful of what you eat and buy. Support local restaurants, farmers, an shops. Many places have endanger species, don’t eat or purchase items made from endangered species.
  • Conserve water. Reuse towels and bedding to reduce the need for washing daily. You’d be surprised at how many liters of water are used while staying in a hotel, especially in a luxury hotel.
  • Walk, ride a bike or use public transit. Or rent an energy efficient vehicle.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle. No need to keep buying plastic water bottles. Be savvy. It’s also more cost effective.

These are just a few ways that you can dramatically change the impact you have when traveling. Exploration is wonderful and there are many beautiful places to explore. Let’s keep it that way and do our part as travelers.

You will not miss out, you will actually gain more. It feels really good to know that you are participating in making the supporting efforts that protect the environment and people!



Solar Eclipse 2017

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So if you haven’t heard, we will be able to view a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Many place throughout the country will be able to see this spectacular event.

So what is the best place to view it from? Well, there are several. We suggest Madras, Oregon. Why? Because why not make it into an adventure and experience the Pacific Northwest? One thing to do while there is experience the Solar Eclipse.

Check out the top 10 places to view it, at least according to the the Great American Eclipse, visit www.greatmaericaneclipse.com.

Now this is just one of many adventures.

Here are the top 5 things we recommend to do on your Oregon vacation.

  1. Columbia River Gorge. – A few miles form Portland, The Columbia River Gorge is a national scenic area that protects the canyon where the river cuts through the Cascade Mountains. Absolutely amazing scenery, some of nature’s finest. Hike and embark on a very cool experience.
  2. Yachats (Yah-hots)- Located on the Oregon’s northern coast, this tiny town has a lot to offer. Unspoiled views of the coast, whales and Oregon nature, make Yachats one of our favorites.
  3. Mount Hood– Of course Mount Hood needs to be on the list. The tallest peak in Oregon is also a very well known travel destination by many. From climbing to hiking and skiing in the winter, Mount Hood offers an expensive, beautiful landscape to explore. A must see on your travels to Oregon.
  4. Cannon Beach- Located along Oregon’s 300 miles of coastline, Cannon Beach is one of the most visited coastal areas. Hike and views some of the most incredible views Oregon has to offer. Cannon Beach is also well know for Haystack Rock, a 235 foot rock that is home to coastal birds, your sure not to miss it!
  5. Portland- Home of the Willamette River and Oregon’s largest city, Portland is full of art, dining, music and nature. Surroudned by natural backdrops, Portland offers much to do for a wide range of people. The Saturday outdoor market is phenomenal and full of music, arts and food.

While your main reason may to be have spectacular views of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, make sure to explore the beauty and culture of Oregon. Although not listed, make sure to visit an Oregon Winery. Oregon is full of them, so finding one will not be an issue:) We know you will enjoy!!




Coffee Tours

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In our last post, we explored Waipio Valley on the Hamakua Coast o f the Big Island.  Rather than totally jump ship and discover a new far away land, we decided to explore coffee farm plantation tours on the Big Island. The best part of this post is that although there are coffee tours you can do around the world, hawaii is among the best. If you are reading our articles and posts, whether in Hawaii , planning to be in Hawaii, or elsewhere, a coffee or tea tour may be just what you do next.

Coffee is the most sought out commodity in the world aside from crude oil. The 20 billion dollar industry itself is fierce and fast growing. While coffee is very commercialized, there are many small growers and producers.

Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is home to award winning coffee. Why not visit a coffee farm and see how it is done, as well as taste the robust, nutty flavors on 100% pure Kona Coffee?

There are a few to choose from. We’ve toured and tasted two different farms, and recommend them both. You can just check out their tasting room and try a few complimentary coffee samples, or tour the plantation and the roasting room. We say do it all! Get the real deal on how Kona coffee is made.

Heavenly Hawaiian –

Dave & Trudy have a lot of coffee knowledge. Their plantation is a quiet treasure and worth checking out. They make you fill at home and part of  “the Ohana”.

Hula Daddy –

Lee and Karen Paterson have a great plantation and do small batch roasting, Their coffee was rated one of the top Kona Coffees in both 2014 & 2015. They allow bookings for private plantation tours.

74-4944 Mamalahoa Hwy
Holualoa, HI 96725



After you tour the plantation of your choice and taste the famous Kona Coffee, we recommend heading down to Kona Brew Pub for some local beer and excellent eats. They even have a Kona coffee stout…if you didn’t get enough coffee in your blood.

Kona Brew Pub is a must try on the Big Island. Their island flavors, excellent beer selection and large outdoor setting make for complete Hawaiian experience.

Island Tours

Waipio Valley

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To start off let’s travel to the tropical Big Island of Hawaii.  Known as being home to the only active Volcano, Kilauea, in the state of Hawaii, the Big Island boast numerous waterfalls, the lava flow spilling into the sea, and beautiful Valleys etched into the land with an abundance of tropical land to explore.  Waipio Valley located on the Hamakua Coast is a black sand valley with intricate rivers and streams chiseling the rich soil and farm land.  Home to many Native Hawaiians, and a well known surf spot because of the tremendous waves that crash along the black sand shore, Waipio is a place of fierce beauty to be reckoned with.  To go down into the Valley you must take an hour or so walk down a steep one lane road that hugs one of the valley’s walls.  The climb back up on foot is a booty workout in itself!  However should you wish to travel by car you must have a four wheel drive vehicle.  Once in the valley you must navigate through muddy roads and puddles.  This is where the guided tour comes in.  But not just any tour.  No this tour is called Ride The Rim tour because you explore the valley on ATV’s!

The six mile valley sits between 2,000 high foot cliffs and offers breathtaking views of 1,200 foot waterfalls.  Known for it’s taro farming, a native plant used to make laulau and poi ,two of Hawaiian food staples there are numerous farms to be seen.  While riding the ATV’s the tour guide will bring up the rear in a caged Polaris Ranger for those who do not wish to ride and ATV.  He will guide you through the valley explaining its unique history and the role it still plays in Hawaii’s agricultural business.  He will lead you to breathtaking scenic views of waterfalls and cliffs, streams and rivers while also seeing exotic birds and plants that are native to the Valley.  Light refreshments are provided and the tours are offered both morning and afternoon.   Not only do you get to see the mesmerizing beauty of the Valley you also will learn about all the amazing history it has to be shared.

Get a little dirty and explore the muddy roads of Waipio Valley, when finished with your tour take a  dip into the oceans water and sink your toes into the black sand along it’s shores.  This is one adventure you will not want to miss out on!



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Welcome to our blog!  If you have found your way here it is probably because you enjoy guided tours and exploring new things!  On this website we will rate and share different tours throughout the World that are worth going on.  Whether it be touring the Safari in Africa, exploring the Amazon, or simply Zip Lining in Hawaii we will cover it all.  With our top experts working with us to offer their professional opinion as well as give us tips to having a great tour no matter where you may be our blog is sure to be an adventure of it’s own.

We also love to here feedback from other consumers out in the world and encourage you to leave your comments and opinions.  Share your experiences with us because we may find a tour we have yet to explore.

 In the process of starting our blog we have gone on numerous tours throughout the world and have great stories and experiences of our own to share with you all.  So join the adveture and stay tuned…….!