I have yet to travel to Amsterdam, but it is on the list of places to visit. That being said, we decided to do a little research on what to explore when in Rome…I mean Amsterdam. We thought we would share with our readers some of what we think looks pretty awesome to do while visiting the Netherlands and its capital, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam boasts character with it’s canal lined, quaint streets. There are many ways to explore the Dutch city, from walking to biking and boating. Whether you want to explore on foot or bike bike like the locals, explore you must. You can choose to go alone or check out the many guided tours that are offered. We recommend going at it like the locals, and hoping on a bike. There are over 800,000 bikes in the Amsterdam, more bikes than people! It is considered one of the world’s most cycle friendly cities.

Here a five things that are on our to do list.

Visit  Jordaan – Noted a sone of the most charming neighborhoods, Jordaann offers music, restaurants, galleries and history.

Visit the Anne Frank House – Another step back in histiry to where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazi’s. Be prepared for a long line.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum – Visiting Amsterdan=m without Van Gogh is a big no-no! Get an up close look at some of the artists work.

Visit theWindmills – Take a scenic Drive to the Dutch Countryside and check out the windmills. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you go. This one may require a car.

Cruise the Canals – boat throughout the long narrow canals of Amsterdam. This one might require a boat, although you could bike long the canals as well.  We recommend a dinner canal boat cruise. Enjoy a romantic experience with excellent food and wine.


These are but a few ideas of all that you can do in Amsterdam. It all depends on the time you have in this fabulous city. We would love to hear your suggestions on things to do and places to visit!