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Paria Canyon – Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Tours

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Southern Utah + Northern Arizona = Supreme natural beauty!

There is something magical about the desert. The arid landscape, beautiful sunset colors of warm pink, purples, the deepest of oranges, and vast surroundings. Add centuries old sandstone creations, and tranquil waters and you have bliss.buckskin_gulch_az

The desert is not always appreciated by the masses, nor is its beauty realized. The desert is different than a tropical destination or rainforest, but is just as serene and gorgeous. We would like to inform our readers of wonderful tours to embark on, whether you be a sightseer, hiker, or photographer.

Both Utah and Arizona offer many incredible and world renowned places to see. From the infamous Grand Canyon in Arizona to Zion National Park in Utah, these desert playgrounds are some to explore.

Today we will cover specific areas that may be a little less known than some of the major players. The Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness areas are loaded with breathtaking landscapes, vies, hiking and history. We had the fortune to explore many of these areas with Grand Staircase Discovery Tours.  We explored Buckskin Gulch and the Wave. They were both incredible, but I have to say, we loved Buckskin Gulch. The hike was invigorating and the slot canyons were amazing.

Buckskin Gulch is supposedly the longest and slot canyon in the world. It’s long, deep, and narrow and continues for 15 miles. Many areas require a bit canyoneering, but so worth the adventure. You can hike the slots mostly year round, however you must be careful of the thunderstorm months during the summer. The thunderstorms can create the narrows to fill up quickly, so you must be cautious and smart and when to go.

We started at Wire Pass trailhead and made our way through Buckskin Gulch and then middle trail, and eventually to White House trailhead. Be prepared with clothing, food, and plastic bags for wet clothes, as you will stumble upon pools of water in the narrows. You can be wading at the ankles or up to the waist, so be prepared. We were not and hiked very wet and heavy for some time.


Here are some of the shots we got. I do not feel as though these pics quite do it justice. It is one of those, you must go it yourself to reap the full benefits and pleasures.