Route 66 Caravan Tour…Done in Style

There are fabulous places to tour worldwide! That being said, there are several tours you can embark on locally in the United States (as long as you are from the U.S.). We love when readers write in and provide us with some ideas and insights to share with others.

How about a Route 66 RV caravan tour…done in style. That is what a reader, Phantom Wrapz wrote in and suggested. They recently styled out an RV, inside and outside, prepping it for their clients 50 day tour along the most historic highway, Route 66. This historic highway, with many movies made about it, opened up in 1926. Extending from Chicago to LA, the old famous road is one well traveled.

Load up your friends and family in the grand RV and hit the road that is ever so famous. Want to go in total style? Have your RV decked out with a vinyl wrap. That’s what Phantom Wrapz did for their client. They wrapped there RV to represent the 50 day tour they were about to journey on. The 6 person RV was wrapped in the historic highways logo. to officiate their expedition.

So how do you go about planning your RV tour?

Well to begin with choose a destination or what you want to see. We are recommending the famous highway as a way to experience the landscapes that surround it in the different states it travels through,a s well as experience a part of American history. There are several other tour ideas for your RV road trip.

Here are a few:

  1. Pacific Coast Highway – from California up the Pacific Northwest Coast, explore the cheese tours, wine tours and protected state and national parks, as well as the beautiful Pacific Coastline. You could always plan this around the solar eclipse as well.
  2. Historic East Coast Tour – experience another piece of history, where the first settlers located. From Boston down to Myrtle Beach, stop in historic areas and take in a piece of history.
  3. Alaskan Adventure Tour – now this tour is best for the summertime. Load the kids up and get them out to experience the wildlife and beauty of Alaska, the final American Frontier. From hot springs, to wild life, museums, and fishing, explore Alaska like never before.

These are just a few other ideas to tour different parts of the United States. Get creative and think of places you would love to see and explore. There a several place you can rent an RV or motorcoach to accommodate your travels and the amount of people traveling.

Send us picture or ideas of your adventures!