Island Tours

Waipio Valley

To start off let’s travel to the tropical Big Island of Hawaii.  Known as being home to the only active Volcano, Kilauea, in the state of Hawaii, the Big Island boast numerous waterfalls, the lava flow spilling into the sea, and beautiful Valleys etched into the land with an abundance of tropical land to explore.  Waipio Valley located on the Hamakua Coast is a black sand valley with intricate rivers and streams chiseling the rich soil and farm land.  Home to many Native Hawaiians, and a well known surf spot because of the tremendous waves that crash along the black sand shore, Waipio is a place of fierce beauty to be reckoned with.  To go down into the Valley you must take an hour or so walk down a steep one lane road that hugs one of the valley’s walls.  The climb back up on foot is a booty workout in itself!  However should you wish to travel by car you must have a four wheel drive vehicle.  Once in the valley you must navigate through muddy roads and puddles.  This is where the guided tour comes in.  But not just any tour.  No this tour is called Ride The Rim tour because you explore the valley on ATV’s!

The six mile valley sits between 2,000 high foot cliffs and offers breathtaking views of 1,200 foot waterfalls.  Known for it’s taro farming, a native plant used to make laulau and poi ,two of Hawaiian food staples there are numerous farms to be seen.  While riding the ATV’s the tour guide will bring up the rear in a caged Polaris Ranger for those who do not wish to ride and ATV.  He will guide you through the valley explaining its unique history and the role it still plays in Hawaii’s agricultural business.  He will lead you to breathtaking scenic views of waterfalls and cliffs, streams and rivers while also seeing exotic birds and plants that are native to the Valley.  Light refreshments are provided and the tours are offered both morning and afternoon.   Not only do you get to see the mesmerizing beauty of the Valley you also will learn about all the amazing history it has to be shared.

Get a little dirty and explore the muddy roads of Waipio Valley, when finished with your tour take a  dip into the oceans water and sink your toes into the black sand along it’s shores.  This is one adventure you will not want to miss out on!