Welcome to our blog!  If you have found your way here it is probably because you enjoy guided tours and exploring new things!  On this website we will rate and share different tours throughout the World that are worth going on.  Whether it be touring the Safari in Africa, exploring the Amazon, or simply Zip Lining in Hawaii we will cover it all.  With our top experts working with us to offer their professional opinion as well as give us tips to having a great tour no matter where you may be our blog is sure to be an adventure of it’s own.

We also love to here feedback from other consumers out in the world and encourage you to leave your comments and opinions.  Share your experiences with us because we may find a tour we have yet to explore.

 In the process of starting our blog we have gone on numerous tours throughout the world and have great stories and experiences of our own to share with you all.  So join the adveture and stay tuned…….!